Join CCDS!


Dear Left and Progressive Activists:

Do you have what it takes to join CCDS, the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism?

We’re looking for committed activists to fight for peace, equality, jobs and justice–all within the wider context of winning the battles for democracy and getting us to 21st century socialism.

You know who you are. You’re angry over the wars and the BP eco-disaster in the Gulf. You read Portside and other left and progressive publications.  You go to demonstrations. You vote. You work for your community, your union, your country’s democratic values….and for your allies around the world. You contribute your hard-earned dollars to causes you believe in.

And you understand the importance of strong organization rooted in mass struggles.  That’s why CCDS wants you!

CCDS needs to grow, and quickly. We face a hostile economic environment with a bank account balance that’s so small, it’s almost silly.  Funding for hard-hitting left organizing is never all that abundant even in good times  And although we run a tight ship, every year we face new obstacles together with new chances to grow-if we had more human and financial resources!

Instead we rely on a group of very special people known as CCDS sustainers, whose donations are a substantial portion of our income.  Won’t you join them? We now make it easy for you. We can securely and automatically deduct $5, $10, $25 or whatever, from your bank account or card each month. You won’t get dunning letters, or have to search for a stamp.

Here’s a sample of what your sustainer gift will help support:

”           $50 fills the gas tank of our traveling field organizer

”           $100 pays a registration fee for one of our organizers at a national conference

”           $350 will get us a table at the jobs rally in DC this Fall

”           $1500 will help eight young people close to us take part in our upcoming regional ‘Intergenerational Dialogue Conferences for a 21st Century Left.’

If you join today as a $25 a month sustainer, we’ll show our thanks with these exclusive benefits:

”           A copy of Jack O’Dell’s new book, ‘Climbing Jacob’s Ladder,’ a remarkable account of the Southern Civil Rights movement and its ongoing relevance to every struggle in the country today.

”           A personal visit from one of our co-chairs to any house meeting of 12 or more that you can organize

But in any case, simply join our organization. Our basic brochure summarizes who we are. If you’re comfortable with it, you should join. Our new Goals and Principles document spells it out in more detail. We are a pluralist group with a range of views. Go to to get them. Dues are $36 a year, $48 for a couple. Students and low income are $18. You can sign up and pay online using the KAGI button on the ‘Join Us!’ page. Or mail at check to:

CCDS Membership Department
6422 Irwin Ct.
Oakland, CA 94609

When it comes to the left and progressive movements, we have way too many ‘Lone Rangers’, way too many people who are ‘Bowling Alone.’ Help us and help yourself gain some political clout for pursuing serious tasks. It’s really way past time for being a socialist by yourself. We invite you to join us.

All the best,

The CCDS Co-Chairs:

Carl Bloice

Renee Carter

Carl Davidson

Pat Fry