CCDS Supports Palestine Statehood at United Nations

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Since its founding, CCDS has consistently supported the struggle of the Palestinian people for peace, justice and equality.  Recognizing that the US and Israel are partners in the repression of the Palestinians, the CCDS national convention in 2009 passed a resolution calling for no US aid to Israel and for joining efforts to make that demand on Congress.  Since then, CCDS has endorsed the march on Gaza and the Gaza flotilla as ways to end the siege.

As the Arab Spring swept across the region in 2011, Fatah and Hamas reached agreement for cooperation, a major step in strengthening the unity and effectiveness of the Palestinian resistance.  As a result, this September the Palestinians plan to apply for admission to the United Nations as an independent state based on the 1967 borders.  These borders have been repeatedly recognized by the UN starting with Resolution 242 passed in 1967 .  This request is expected to have widespread support in the General Assembly, which has passed many resolutions over the years for equal treatment for Palestine.  A highly publicized discussion is anticipated, a major opportunity for education on the situation in the Middle East and chance for Palestinians to present their case.  Israel and the United States are fiercely opposed, claiming that it is a unilateral effort which would derail US sponsored peace talks.  These negotiations, however, have gone nowhere as Israel does not take them seriously and the US refuses to pressure Israel to stop new settlements in the occupied territories.

We recognize that a US veto may well prevent the UN resolution from being implemented.  But we also know that many nations in Europe and elsewhere will support the resolution and thus expose further the denial of basic human rights and statehood to the Palestinian people.

Palestine‚Äôs admission to the UN would not immediately change the facts on the ground and would only be one more step in a long hard struggle for justice.  However, it would be a significant victory for the Palestinian people and strengthen their political position and goal of self determination.  Consequently, CCDS endorses this effort at the UN for Palestinian self determination, urges the US to vote in favor and strongly opposes any US action to cast a veto in the Security Council.  We urge CCDS members and progressives to sign the petition found  CCDS will continue to work for peace and justice overseas and at home, and a fair settlement of the conflict in the Middle East is an important and necessary part of creating a better world for everyone.

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