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CCDS welcomes the UN resolution on the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria, which was passed unanimously by the Security Council including support from Russia and China and the US, as well as Syria itself.  The resolution reduces tension and the possibility of war; implementation may lay the basis for a Geneva conference towards resolution of the Syria crisis, especially with full Syrian participation.

CCDS further calls for the destruction of all chemical weapons in the region, including those held by Israel, and points out there is no mention of the US use of depleted uranium ammunition in Iraq, which is now contributing to elevated cancer rates in the Iraqi population.  To ensure peace in the region, all countries need to agree to establish a nuclear weapons free zone, a proposal initiated by Iran and today opposed only by Israel.

The Obama administration’s plan for a military attack on Syria, supported by Israel and Saudi Arabia, was defeated for several reasons: US public opinion opposes a new war, Congress, including neo-isolationists in the Republican party, was reluctant and the British Parliament vetoed UK participation. Russia led international opinion against the war which included all the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) with BRICS emerging as a stronger alternative to the US for international leadership. The peace movement surged into action with lobbying andstreet protests.  The Obama administration found itself isolated and chose for now to not go it alone in yet another Middle East conflict.

The progressive majority, the peace movement and the left helped stop the attack and win at least a temporary victory; however, with the US keeping "all options on the table," continued vigilance is necessary. Revived negotiations regarding Syria made possible the reestablishment of US communications with Iran at the UN General Assembly.  More diplomacy, adherence to UN resolutions and continued democratic demands by the people will improve the overall situation in the Middle East.

Stalinism and other crimes under socialism in its history

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This post topic is for a continuation of the ‘Rivers of Blood’ debates and related matters first taking place on the listserv. . It will be under ‘Stalinism and other crimes under socialism in its history’ For those interested, please continue the thread there. To make a post, just go to ‘Comments’ and scroll down

Sympathy, Solidarity Against the Right, and Some Pointed Questions:

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CCDS Statement on the Tucson Mass Killings and Their Aftermath

We in the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism stand together with the progressive majority of Americans to express our shock and anger at the mass killings in Tucson, Arizona on January 8, 2011. We offer our deepest sympathy, condolences and solidarity with the families and loved ones of those slain and injured.

We hope for a full recovery by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the others wounded. For those who perished, we share the sorrow of those close to them.

As things stand at the moment, this appears to have been the deranged act of an individual, Jared Loughner. He suffers from a severe mental illness made worse by his clinging to a variety of conspiracy theories promoted by the far right. We may learn more as facts from the investigations unfold.

Incidents like this are tragic, but are likely to occur with increasing frequency in a society that still stigmatizes mental illness. Our health care system fails to provide adequate care and treatment. Unfortunately attempts are currently underway to cut back even more on the meager programs that could help. Moreover, it says something about our lax gun laws when this impaired individual was able to legally acquire a semi-automatic pistol with no difficulty.

But there is more than tragedy here. This atrocity is largely due to the violent rhetoric of right-wing media demonizing progressive and moderate politicians and the voters who support them. There are many unstable individuals like the alleged shooter walking our streets, but they don’t explode in a vacuum.  In Arizona the airwaves have carried a steady onslaught of agitation and propaganda urging armed attacks on immigrants, Democrats and progressive organizations and individuals. Anti-immigrant racism has even led to banning Latino Studies programs in Arizona schools that encourage Mexican and Chicano ethnic solidarity.

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